"Want The Fat Burning Benefits Of The Keto Diet, But Not The Carb Cravings?"

Our "Keto-Hack" To Keep You On Track!

Functional Fuel

Weight Loss

Thanks to the thermogenic power of MCTs, your body transitions from burning glucose to burning fat.

Mental Focus

The MCTs from coconut oil break down into ketones which can be used by brain cells for fuel.

Cellular Energy

MCTs act as an immediate energy source for your body so it does not resort to breaking down muscle for fuel.


The extra energy you get from burning fat may help boost performance at the gym.

Our Mission

My goal here isn’t to tell you that the Keto diet won't work - in theory.

The Ketogenic diet does work, but the problem is that most people can’t stay on it.

You may run into these problems while trying Keto:

    • Losing Hard-Earned Muscle
    • Craving Sweets
    • Eating Too Many Carbs
    • You Can't Get MCTs (What are MCTs? More on these magical fats later...)

Message from Brandon

Brandon here, creator and master formulator for Purus Labs. I want to tell you about why I created KetoFeed.

I have personally experimented with a lot of different eating habits throughout my life...

depending on my many different goals. (my wife says my tombstone is going to say NEVER SATISFIED) From High Carb + High Protein + Low Fat, then to Low Carb + High Protein + Low Fat and back again...from bulking to cutting phases...(Ef My Life).

You name it, I tried it. Except...High FAT.


Take a Look for yourself!

My Journey

What I learned

I noticed that on all of these diets over the years I was severely low on FAT.

So I decided to try the Ketogenic diet, and behold, I had never felt so good.
I had energy, mental clarity, and I was losing fat almost effortlessly.
It was everything I had been looking for after a decade of spinning my wheels.
There was one glaring problem.

I was losing my hard-earned muscle as quickly as my fat.

With the low amount of protein required by the ketogenic diet, the protein demands of my muscles weren’t being met by my nutrition. They started to shrink.
Knowing what I do about diet, exercise and the body, I knew that I had to up my protein intake if I was to maintain any sort of a muscular physique as I desired.
What I didn't want was for my protein intake to be high enough to spike my insulin levels and mess with my ability to keep shedding body fat.
I hit the lab with all of my research, and I created KetoFeed®

KetoFeed® contains 20g of high quality whey protein, filtered to remove all sugar.
But like I said, I had to make sure that the protein didn't mess with the fat-loss goals I was trying to accomplish.
So I combined the protein with THE crucial component of the keto diet, FAT!
And even better, I used only MCT (medium chain triglyceride) fat, the same type of fat that makes coconuts so healthy for you.
This same MCT fat slows down the absorption of the protein and prevents it from spiking insulin levels.

I flavored the KetoFeed®, deliciously of course, and started mixing it into my cold brew coffee each morning. Game Changer.
I retained my energy, maintained my fat loss, and stopped losing muscle (even gained some).
If you are looking to get lean and stay lean without sacrificing lean muscle or suffering from carb cravings, I highly recommend you give KetoFeed® a try.
And, to make sure you succeed,

I compiled my modified way of eating keto into a book called The KetoFeed Diet™,
AND I created The KetoFeed Cookbook™ giving you 20 delicious dessert recipes to make with KetoFeed®!
You will receive digital copies of BOTH today with your first order of KetoFeed® (a $40 savings).
Thank you so much for listening to my story, and I can’t WAIT to hear yours once you’ve experienced KetoFeed® ,The KetoFeed Cookbook™ and The KetoFeed Diet™.

Stay awesome,

Brandon Smith
Founder & Formulator | Purus Labs

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