Growing up I always dreamt of participating in sports. I viewed myself as athletic and I loved feeling strong. While most people dreaded the schools physical fitness test, I looked forward to it. In middle school I broke the record in my class for push ups, a whopping 40. I remember that day very clearly because I gained the nickname “The Hulk”. (Back story: My last name is Hull and having that written on my white gym shirt, a few kids actually thought it said “Hulk”). I remained active throughout the rest of my teenage years, which mostly meant running. I loved running. After graduation I continued running. For 3 years I ran, I ran too much. Seeing my time drop was just so addicting! Several injuries later I decided to try other activities. I had to find something physically challenging. I went to the gym here and there and started collecting workouts from magazines. I was so intrigued with weight training and I wanted to learn everything about it. I completed my certification as a personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist through NASM. Then I discovered the world of competing. Without hesitation, I picked a competition. The strict dieting and workout routines were a dream to me. All the tracking and progress - so awesome! I competed in few bikini competitions and I was beyond shocked out the outcomes. My goal was to “look like I belonged”, I never imagined placing, let alone taking a few first place trophies home. 1st place Bikini Novice Class B - NPC Overall Bikini Novice - NPC 1st place Bikini Open Class B - NPC Overall Bikini Open - NPC Miss Bikini Utah 2011 - NGA Maybe seeing this list makes me seem like a person to follow, a person to aspire to be like? What if I told you that after competing I gained 32 pounds and didn’t walk into a gym for almost a year. I couldn’t handle being near someone fit while I felt so uncomfortable in my skin. I went from being a person that loved seeing my OWN progress and exceeding my OWN goals to second guessing everything I did and comparing myself to others. It’s been a few years since I went through all of this and now I am at the gym almost everyday working my ass off. Rather than just listing all the things that make me seem like an amazingly fit person you should aspire to be like, I find it important to share my downfalls. Like everyone, I struggle. I struggle with exercising and I struggle with dieting. I am constantly trying to figure out what works for me when it comes to the kinds of exercises to incorporate to my routines and I’ve tried more supplements than I can even list. While I continue to grow and learn I hope to motivate and educate others on their own fitness journey, or whatever kind of journey they’re on.

My TOP 3

  • Everyday Amino (Natural Cucumber Lime): Literally, everyday. Hot days at the shooting range. Long days spent hiking to the peak of a mountain. Sunny Summer days out on a boat. Hangover days after having a little too much fun. It doesn’t matter what you do, you should incorporate this into your routine. 
  • Condense (Melon Berry Cooler): This flavor tastes like Big League Chew, no joke. I take a scoop of this about 15 minutes prior to the gym and it really gives me the kick I need to push through my workouts. I experience minor tingles, which I am a fan of.   

  • Noxygen: I love Noxygen! It’s like magic. The downside to taking Noxygen is that no matter how hard my workout it, I still feel like I could keep going once I’ve finished… If you want to call that a downside ;)


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