Thoren holds a masters degree in Exercise Physiology, experience as a division 1 strength and conditioning coach and pursues natural bodybuilding. Instead of pursuing bodybuilding on stage with a spray tan, his passion is to find out how to build a next level physique while also living a normal everyday live. No show prep, no hormone damaging diets, just consistency and an active lifestyle. Now a trusted voice for writing in the american fitness industry, his biggest goal is to change the way we look at blending bodybuilding with maintainable lifestyle.

My Top 3:
1.) D-Pol: D-Pol gives me a level of daily energy and alpha male sense in the gym. It's affordable and easy to use as a staple. There's a reason I've been taking it since long before purus labs even knew who I was.

2.) Condense: although I love all three preworkout products....condense is unparalleled in the industry with how clean the industry is. It is a simple complex that delivers results and "feel good" workout vibes for me Everytime. Plus the skin splitting pumps without any water retention. Right up my alley. I

3.) Halovar: Look, with all the recent studies surrounding HMB...Purus making an HMB product made it a product I had to try. But after seeing it's anti-catabolic effects during a small cut I did before summer, I realized just how potent this stuff was. I lost almost no muscle on my cut, sexual energy was just as strong and I had pumps. During a cut! Needless to say it won't matter whether I'm trying to add muscle or lose fat, if the goal involves physique improvement you can bet Halovar is going to be a part of my routine.



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