• Recipe: Protein Donuts!

    Recipe: Protein Donuts!
    Dry ingredients: 56 grams of Bobs Red Mill baking flour 2 scoops of MyoFeed Homemade Vanilla Wafer (may sub other flavors of MyoFeed or MyoWhey) 1 tsp of baking powder 2 packets of Truvia Dash of salt Wet ingredients: 3 oz vanilla almond milk 75 grams of fat free Greek yogurt 1 whole egg 1 egg white Instructions:Mix wet and dry ingredients and pour into a...
  • What's The Difference Between Our Proteins?

    What's The Difference Between Our Proteins?
    Product MyoWhey MyoFeed KetoFeed Mass Gain Servings  25-67 25 15 14 Protein Per Serving 25g 22g 20g 52g Difference Premium, Economical Whey Protein 3-Tier Blended protein + Digestive Enzymes Protein + MCT Fats Full Food Meal Macros 130-160 cal25g Protein.5g Fat2g Carbs 120-140 cal22g Protein1.5g Fat4g Carbs 170-200 cal20g Protein10g Fat0-1g Carbs 1190 cal52g Protein6g Fat234g Carbs Price Per Serving $.85 - $1.11 $1.19...
  • So, What's So Great About MCTs?

    So, What's So Great About MCTs?
    Alt Text:  Defeat the day with KetoFeed 20g Protein + MCTSSection 1: Low C-12 medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) are short-chain fats which metabolize differently and are burned for fuel enhancing thermogenesis. Section 2: MCTs easily permeate the blood-brain-barrier and have displayed neuro-protective effects by raising the levels of ketones within the brain. Section 3: Typical protein supplements spike insulin levels just like simple sugar, leaving...
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