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Everyday Amino: Drink All Day Every Day

Rebuild & Recover

As straight-forward as its name, Everyday Amino™ was developed, literally, because our employees at HQ are constantly drinking amino acids that we manufacture - all day, every day. So we figured, why not offer our tasty house-amino-cocktail to the masses? At a hefty 5:1:1 BCAA ratio, each serving of Everyday Amino™ stimulates muscle protein synthesis and ensures recovery from workout to workout. To slow the absorption and sneak in some often overlooked general health, we included FOS fiber. Toss into your pre workout or amp-up your daily water. Either way, Everyday Amino™ is the all day, every day recovery necessity.

Muscle Fuel:

  • 5:1:1 Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
  • Dye, lactose, sugar and gluten free
  • Aids in recovery by increasing muscle protein synthesis
  • Great taste and solubility

Absolutely Essential:

BCAAs can make all the different pre, intra & post workout. We all know recovery is just as important as the workout itself! Give your muscles a bit of assistance in the recovery process by fueling them with amino acids. Plus, the flavor is unbeatable!

Primary Ingredients:

L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine & L-Valine:
These three BCAAs are important for human life and bodily function and are a crucial factor in stress, energy and muscle recovery. They stimulate muscle protein synthesis and help to reduce protein breakdown while helping to reduce the effect of stress on the body, assist the body in reducing fat stores, balance blood sugar and help to boost energy. We put these BCAAs in in a 5:1:1 ratio in our formula to really emphasise the L-Leucine which is most heavily studied for muscle recovery and energy production.

How To Use:
Toss into your pre workout or amp-up your daily water. Either way, Everyday Amino is the all day, every day recovery necessity.


Q: Why did you add dietary fiber?

A: Fiber is crucial when it comes to digestion. Our addition of dietary fiber helps your body to process the protein more efficiently. Bonus, if you are prone to stomach aches from protein shakes, you may avoid one when utilizing a protein with added digestive enzymes and fiber.

Q: When should I take Everyday Amino?

A: Anytime throughout the day as a snack or immediately post workout to re-fuel your muscles.

Q: Are there carbohydrates in Everyday Amino?

A: Just 1, and it’s from fiber!

Q: Is Everyday Amino gluten free?

A: Yes

Q: What flavors of Everyday Amino are available?

A: Everyday Amino is available in Cucumber Lime, Blackberry Cherry, Mango Tangerine & Strawberry Lemonade

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, Purus Labs is happy to issue a refund or exchange for your product within 30 days of purchase. We may require you to send the product back in return for your refund.

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Customer Reviews
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Rhonda C.
United States United States
My go to amino

Love this flavor.

Brian W.
United States United States
Absolutely Love These!

I use these Aminos every workout day and notice a huge difference in my workouts, especially if they last over an hour. Even on non-workout days if I need a pick-me-up or extra protein I will take a scoop.

Aaron D.
United States United States
Great taste!

I use it every morning to prepare for the day. Great taste!

James S.
United States United States
Everyday Amino

Great Product and great customer service.

Neal N.
United States United States
great taste

all the flavors are good - I especially like the mango tangerine!

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